Clinical Facials

Clinical facials are a more targeted approach to specific skin issues. Medical-grade products and peels deliver the best outcomes advanced esthetics has to offer. A group of senior and master estheticians, with advanced training, deliver treatments that feature cutting-edge products and techniques applied in combinations that produce visible results. Fine lines will diminish, tone and firmness will improve and areas of uneven skin pigmentation will blend into your glowing complexion.

Home-care is critical for maintaining a high level of prevention and protection. You will receive a professional, customized skin care guide to maintain the exceptional benefits of your skin care treatment.

Age Intervention Facial$148
Great anti-aging facial for clients who want to see dramatic results. Intense exfoliation using retinol booster frees the skin of toxins and pollutants, and boosts your skin's ability to repair damage immediately. Treatment time: 1 hour
Radiance “C” Facial$134
An ideal treatment for parched, dull and environmentally-damaged skin. This treatment uses powerful antioxidants to stimulate collagen and help even out skin discolorations. Vitamin C stimulates skin rejuvenation while calming inflammation, boosting hydration and enhancing UV protection. Good for all skin types. Treatment time: 1 hour
Intensive Acne Facial$135
Nurture suffering skin with this specialized clinical facial. This deep, gentle cleansing and purifying treatment uses an active blend of acids to dissolve clogged pores, kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and smooth texture. Combined with dermatology medications, you'll see the improvement! Treatment time: 1 hour
Age Reforming Brightening Facial$140
Triple exfoliation sweeps away dead skin cells, enhancing penetration of powerful antioxidants. Skin looks clearer, brighter and younger. Great for most skin types! Treatment time: 1 hour
Redness Therapy Facial $140
This is our most recommended facial that is designed to cool and calm irritated skin, minimize inflammation and pustules associated with Rosacea. Treatment time: 1 hour.
Medical-Grade Peel 1 (formerly Power Peel)$95
This clinical peel uses PCA medical-grade formulations chosen by your esthetician, customized for your targeted areas. Advanced blends of exfoliating agents, pigment inhibitors and skin-strengthening nutrients address challenges unique to sun-damaged, acne-prone and aging skin. Treatment time: ½ hour
Medical-Grade Peel (formerly Power Peel Plus)$112
A more aggressive version of Medical-Grade Peel 1. This clinical peel uses PCA medical-grade formulations as chosen by your esthetician to customize for your targeted areas. PCA Booster combined with exfoliating agents impact the results of this powerful-skin boosting treatment. Treatment time: ½ hour
Dermaplane Treatment$102
An effective and safe exfoliation treatment using a surgical-grade blade to 'shave' off the skin and vellus hair (peach fuzz) to encourage skin rejuvenation. Skin benefits from better absorption of skin care products. This procedure makes the skin feel and look smoother and also minimizes the appearance of fine lines. Suitable for most skin types. Recommended every 3-4 weeks, similar to your hair's growing cycle. Dermaplane may be a standalone treatment or added to a peel or facial to achieve greater results. Treatment time: 3/4 hour

With Peel: $134

Microdermabrasion $115+
Crystal-free treatment that uses unique diamond tip for deep exfoliation. Excellent results in treating aging skin, sun damage, acne scars, brown spots and clogged pores. No downtime. Treatment time: ½ hour

Add to any facial: $75
Add hands to treatment: $44
Add décolleté to treatment: $50

Progressive Microdermabrasion$148
Crystal-free treatment that uses unique diamond tip for deep exfoliation. The second step uses a PCA medical-grade peel specific to skin condition to enhance results for improvement of aging skin, sun damage, some acne scars, brown spots and clogged pores. No downtime. Treatment time: 1 hour