Hydrafacial MD is an invigorating state-of-the-art, multi-step treatment that delivers immediate and long term benefits. Common skin care concerns such as pigments/uneven skin tone, skin texture, firmness, congestion, enlarged pores, acne, fine lines, and dehydrated skin are visibly improved at the first treatment. Experienced Estheticians tailor each treatment specific to the client to achieve life changing results – making this facial available to almost everyone. This powerful yet gentle technology enables your professional skin care expert to deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate with hydradermabrasion (infused water with nourishing ingredients). Treatment is then followed by a peel and finished with a peptide moisturizer, expertly applied by the Hydrafacial technology.

Boosters can be added to your Signature Hydrafacial to further add to your treatment program to increase greater results. Refer to Deluxe and Platinum facials for special Booster treatments benefits.

*Cleansing *Exfoliating (gylocolic/salicyclic acid combination) *Gentle Peel *Extractions *Hydration with Antioxidants (Vitamin A,C,E)
Treatment Time: 45 minutes

*Cleansing *Exfoliating (glycolic/salicylic acid combination) *Gentle Peel *Extractions *Hydration with Antioxidants (Vitamin A,C,E) *Booster – Choice of: Britenol (clarifying, brightening) or Dermabuilder (helps fine lines, stimulates production of collagen).

Treatment time: 60 minutes

*Cleansing *Exfoliation (glycolic/salicylic acid combination) *Gentle Peel *Extractions *Hydration with Antioxidants (Vitamin A,C,E) *Booster – Growth Factor Boost (stem cells) for all types except acne prone skin. Growth Factor Boost helps new cells grow quicker and support skin’s health and rejuvenation *Lymphatic Drainage (stimulates overall good health) *LED Light Therapy (calming, redness, purifying).

Treatment time: 75 minutes


Britenol Boost age refining pattented peptide complex minimizes signs of aging and recharges skin with a healthy glow.

Growth Factor Boost – for fine lines and wrinkles – Uses stem cells to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to restore skin’s health and vitality.

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