Pandemic Prevention & Protection Plan For Our Clients and Staff
Getting Back To New Normal

As we get ready to re-open the spas, we want to assure everyone that The Spa has created a Pandemic Prevention and Protection Plan for the wellness of our staff and clients.  We can get through this, together.

We all have learned a lot about Covid 19 in the last three months.  The virus is primarily spreadable from person-to-person through droplets – whether these droplets land on people or surfaces. The droplets then can enter body through eyes, nose and mouth.  That’s why CDC recommends the following protocol to PREVENT from coming in contact with the virus:

  • WASHING our hands FREQUENTLY – at least for 20 seconds;
  • AVOID touching our face;
  • SNEEZING and   COUGHING into your elbows;
  • ENFORCING social distancing of 6 feet from each other;
  • SANTIZING your work and frequently-use areas including door knobs, cell phones, – if you see it, sanitize it;
  • BEING AWARE of your personal wellness, if you feel “not yourself”, stay home from work and socializing, impose self-quarantine and call your doctor or health department.
The Face And The Body Is Doing More

The Face & The Body has always been very strict about our Spa sanitation and cleanliness – a benefit our clients demand and appreciate.  We will do more to ensure your and our clients’ wellness:

  • Masks are required by the entire staff, visitors and clients;
  • Professional grade disinfectants are in each service room and public areas;
  • Professional grade hand sanitizer stations have been installed throughout the spa for easy access;
  • Floor markers are installed to show ‘social distancing’;
  • Hair, shampoo, nail stations have been designated to allow room for social distancing.
  • Health signs for sneezing, masks, etc. are posted through the spa;
  • Temperature will be taken of staff and clients; anyone above the acceptable range will be asked to leave the spa;
  • Only credit cards will be accepted for payment of services and gratuities; client may leave ‘cash’ in envelopes but the front desk will not handle cash;
  • Products returns will be suspended to avoid too much contact;
  • Protective plexiglass will be installed at front desk and manicure stations;
  • Detailed sanitizing protocol will be followed by each department.
  • Spa services and clients are scheduled to meet spa occupancy (25%) at each location.
Everyone Can Help
  • Practice CDC recommendations on self-care (see above);
  • Do not come to the Spa if you are not feeling well;
  • Turn away clients if you suspect the client is not feeling well, and vice versa;
  • Help us enforce spa policies if you see someone (staff or client) is not following any of our policies.
We Can Get Through This Together
We Care

The Face & The Body always follows cleansing and sanitation guidelines set by local and state agencies.  During this sensitive period of  Corona Virus outbreak, we remained even more diligent and committed in keeping our locations in top shape for our guests and team members so you will see us wiping down door handles, counters and other spaces more frequently.  We stay connected with local agencies, CDC, team members and clients for instant updates and changes.   Any precautions affecting our guests and team members will be conducted immediately, if necessary.

Here’s what you can expect during this sensitive period because your health is very important to us:

1)  If you are not feeling well, please call, text and email us about your appointment.  We will waive any last minute cancellation fee.

2)  If any one of our staff members indicates that he or she is not feeling well, we will ask that provider to stay home and get well.  So, please accept our apologies if we cancel your appointment at the last minute.

3)  We have asked our team members to perform as many hand washings (using antibacterial soap) as possible, following CDC guidelines…each hand washing lasting longer than 20 seconds – (per CDC’s guideline…long enough to recite the alphabet).

4)  Hand sanitizers will be available at each room and throughout the spa.  Our providers may ask you to use it and you are also welcome to ask them to do the same in front of you.

5) All of our service rooms and public areas are disinfected throughout the day…a bottle is available at all times in each area.

6)  Handshakes and hugs are discouraged…don’t worry, we still love you!

7)  We always use disposable cups and napkins for client and staff use.

8)   Stay connected to us via Facebook, IG, texts and emails.  This may be a good time to make sure your contact information is current.

We are responsible to our community, clients and staff.  We promise to do our part to manage our well-being.

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