Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Age Intervention Facial $138

An accelerated treatment with glycolic acid and enzymes to intensify resurfacing and boost the skin’s ability to repair damage. For all skin types except the most sensitive.
Treatment Time: 1 Hour

Radiance “C” Facial $131

Vitamin C stimulates skin rejuvenation. For sun damage, hyperpigmentation or conditions related to aging.
Treatment Time: 1 Hour

Intensive Acne Facial $125

Deep cleansing, exfoliation and skin resurfacing treatment dissolves cellular build-up and makes extractions easier.
Treatment Time: 1 Hour

Power Peel $89

Highly concentrated glycolic acid formulation reveals softer, smoother, clearer skin. For acne, aging, sun-damaged and hyperpigmented skin.
Treatment Time: 1/2 Hour

Power Peel Plus $106

A more aggressive version of Power Peel. This peel combines glycolic acid with Retinol and produces accelerated results for appropriate skin types.
Treatment Time: 3/4 Hour

Progressive Microdermabrasion $138

An accelerated enzyme exfoliation procedure to remove dead surface cells and speed up the skin’s metabolism. Includes steam and microdermabrasion.
Treatment Time: 1 Hour
Add hands to treatment:                                                           $50

Retinol Rejuvenation Facial $114

Retinol (vitamin A) plays a critical role in skin growth and repair. High-level Retinol products exfoliate and re-texturize skin. Improves uneven skin tone.
Treatment Time: 1 Hour

Clinical Express Facial $87

A targeted preventative treatment combining deep exfoliation and a renewing mask.
Treatment time: 1/2 hour

Age Reform Brightening Facial $134

Triple exfoliation sweeps away dead skin cells, enhancing penetration of powerful antioxidants. Results are apparent immediately. For all skin types except the most sensitive.
Treatment Time: 1 Hour

Illuminating Peel Facial $164

An advanced, anti-aging treatment that combines high-performance treatment with relaxation techniques. Includes resurfacing peel, eye-lift treatment and relaxing massage.
Treatment Time: 1 1/4 Hours

Progressive Peel $138

A progressive, not aggressive, treatment customized for individual skin needs. Gentle enough for all skin types.
Treatment Time: 3/4 Hour

Derma Plane $96

An exfoliation treatment using a surgical-grade blade; encourages skin rejuvenation. Skin benefits from better absorption of skin care products.

Treatment time: 3/4 hour.


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